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No timeline on Vic smokefree dining

Melbourne City Council is talking about banning smoking in outdoor dining areas, but the Victorian government hasn't outlined its own timeline.

Downtown Dining Week 2015 sets its menu of participants

Milwaukee Downtown is celebrating its tenth year of Downtown Dining Week this summer. The dining event will run from June 4 through June 11, with 47 new and familiar restaurants and locales prepping three-course options for lunch and dinner.

Food stalls sizzling way to raise funds

More mouth-watering food stalls are popping up in Marlborough as a result of a busy festival season and more schools using food to raise funds, council and cafe owners say.

Reefs2Go Stocking Live Fish Food Including Feeder Shrimp, Brine Shrimp, Amphipods and Copepods and Phytoplankton

Summary: Reefs2Go offers several live food options for your fishy friends to enjoy, offering various sizes and bulk purchasing options of Ghost Feeder Shrimp, buy one get one free offers on Amphipods and ...

Our Food-Safety System Is A Patchwork With Big Holes, Critics Say

More than a dozen federal agencies play a part in keeping food from making Americans sick. Critics say the system has gaps, and we'd all be safer if federal food safety efforts were under one roof.

South Koreans cook the least and Italians love food the most: report

At the other end of the spectrum comes South Korea, where respondents averaged less than four hours (3.7) a week cooking for themselves. Interestingly, France -- considered a bastion of food and gastronomy -- also placed fifth from the bottom, preferring to leave the cooking to their corner bistros, Michelin-starred chefs and microwaves: Frozen, pre-prepared food brand Picard enjoys widespread ...

Kids’ fast food consumption on the decline

Between 2003 and 2010, the number of U.S. kids eating fast food on any given day went down, and the calories from some types of fast foods have declined as well, according to a new study.

In US, Cooking Passion, Knowledge Top Global Averages

The US registered high scores in a recent GfK study of cooking behaviors and attitudes around the world. Researchers took an in-depth look at passion and knowledge about food and c

Breaking News: VinTank Acquired By W2O Group

VinTank, the wine industry's most sophisticated social engagement and CRM tool, announced today that it has been acquired by W2O Group.

OnTrak Software Announces Pricing Promotion for Wine & Spirits Distributors at WSWA 2015

OnTrak Software today announced a "Two Products for the Price of One" promotion that begins April 12, 2015 during the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America 72nd Annual Convention & Exhibition ...

Food Emulsifiers Market By Product (Mono, Di-Glycerides & Derivatives, Lecithin, Stearoyl Lactylates, Sorbitan Esters ...

San Francisco, California -- Global food emulsifiers market is expected to reach USD 3.18 billion by 2020, according to a new study by Grand View Research, Inc. Increasing demand for bakery products coupled ...

Cooking up excuses

We don’t need to feel guilty about buying ready made food – but there are still reasons to love the stove A reader once wrote to me complaining that her husband had retired, but still expected her to cook at least two meals a day. This was ages ago and she felt there wasn’t much she could do about it, but luckily times have changed. So now if a wife has found a more fruitful or amusing way to ...

Which Countries Are Top of the Cooking Charts?

India and Ukraine top the chart for hours per week people spend cooking. NUREMBERG, Germany, March 30, 2015 /CNW/ - GfK asked more than 27,000 people aged 15 or older across 22 countries about how many hours per week they spend cooking - and how knowledgeable, experienced and passionate they are about food and cooking.

With Sodexo contract set to expire in 2016, survey seeks student feedback

The University is asking students to rate their on-campus dining experience — a move that comes as GW’s contract with dining provider Sodexo ends next year.

Greeley women raise money for women abroad at monthly Dining for Women potlucks

Thora Pabst is part of DIning for Women, which works to help women around the world improve their lives. The Greeley chapter of Dining for Women meets once per month at a participant’s home for a potluck dinner, presentation and discussion.

Wine makers say uniform alcohol tax will be a disaster as Diageo cheers Hockey

The spirits industry urges Joe Hockey to press ahead with an overhaul of alcohol taxes in his reform agenda but winemakers said it will be a disaster.

State Liquor Authority seeks fines against wine retailers

Gov. Cuomo has cast himself as a champion of the New York wine industry, but the chairman he reappointed to the State Liquor Authority initiated inquiries against an Albany booze...

Flagrant abuse of subsidised products

BLATANT: Subsidised goods such as cooking oil are being smuggled across the border and sold openly in southern Thailand

Food for thought: Buffett model will take time to digest

With a merger of Kraft and Heinz expected soon, entrepreneur-led food firms are wide-eyed with optimism for the future, writes Kyran Fitzgerald.

Eye on Holland Village: From kampong to bohemian enclave

With its artisanal coffee shops, numerous dining spots and lively atmosphere, Holland Village, which was once a kampung filled with plantations and nurseries, has developed to become one of Singapores hottest lifestyle destinations. When one thinks of Holland Village, the images that usually come to mind are: cool bars, amazing restaurants, hipster cafs, art galleries and handicraft stores ...

Melbourne mulling ban on smoking in outdoor dining areas

Smokers should be banned from outdoor dining areas at cafes and restaurants, Melbourne's lord mayor said on Monday, with Victoria the only state in Australia permitting a post-meal puff at the table.

New premium Reserve range from Sacred Hill

Wine lovers can now enjoy a new premium range of wines from Sacred Hill’s most cherished vineyards with the release of its "Reserve" label.

The controversial rise of the ‘Food Babe’

It’s been a big month for menu changes at the nation’s largest food companies, including: Dunkin’ Donuts will remove the whitening agent titanium dioxide from its powdered donuts. McDonald’s and...

For Britain's poorest, food aid becomes a way of life

Clutching a bag of pasta, canned pears and beef, David Kirk leaves a food bank in one of Britain's poorest corners -- his sixth visit in a few weeks. "It's certainly a big help," the tattooed 54-year-old said as he loaded the free supplies into his car in the town of Camborne in Cornwall in the southwest of England. The growing numbers of Britons turning to food banks run by charities to get by ...

Food Mafia

With Food Mafia, you no longer need to filter through anonymous, negative reviews to find trusted restaurant recommendations. We have...

Cooking only for yourself? Make it the best

Cooking for friends and family is fun. You get to share a meal with people you love and provide them with nourishment, often getting positive feedback in the process.

Phantom Gourmet: Greater Boston’s Popular New Burger Chains

Phantom Gourmet's Dan Andelman visits some of the best burger chains popping up in Greater Boston.

Nearly 100 get food poisoning; officials won't say from what

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A "food source" sickened nearly 100 restaurant patrons in Philadelphia last month, but city and state health officials say Pennsylvania law bars them from disclosing what the food was or how it was contaminated.

The Gourmet Retailer, HTI Boost Las Vegas Market’s C11 Launch

The Gourmet Retailer Magazine will host and present an educational series and networking event for independent housewares retailers attending the Summer 2015 Las Vegas Market, Aug. 2-6.

Downtown wine buyer's tips for getting buzzed, at Buzz

On the corner of 5th and Spring streets in downtown L.A., across from the Last Bookstore, is Buzz Wine Beer Shop, the go-to store for craft beer aficionados, but also for wine fanatics intent on picking up a bottle of something unusual.

Weekend Sip: A kosher-for-Passover wine that doesn’t taste like Manischewitz

Covenant kosher-for-Passover wines that are tasty enough to drink year ‘round.

Want to lose weight and find romance? Start cooking

Robert Lara, a Fit Nation team member, learns cooking at home is good for you on many levels.

Arsenic fear over California wine

A lawsuit that's causing panic among drinkers of some California wine starts with a history lesson.

Cruise food braves elements

The cruise ship industry is all about one-upmanship, and its new big thing is outdoor dining. Most ships have had options for this in the past — often a dining terrace outside the casual buffet room and a grill and possibly a pizza bar by the pool.

'Critical' issue flagged at MUN dining hall by food safety inspector

A health inspection of the dining hall at Memorial University of Newfoundland on Wednesday found a food safety issue that had to be resolved immediately. The university and catering company Aramark requested the inspection following student complaints about food quality.

Arkansas lawmaker urges ban on California wine over egg law

An Arkansas lawmaker said Wednesday that the state should ban California wine as retribution for the West Coast state's law requiring egg-laying hens to be able to stand up, turn around and fully extend ...

Simple Rice Cooking Method May Drastically Cut Calorie Count

This simple cooking technique might one day reduce the calories in rice by up to 60 percent.

The World's Most Expensive Rosé Wine

Can rosé wine ever be a great wine? Château d’Esclans in Provence in southern France believes it can and sells its rosé wines at high prices.

11 important lessons we learned from watching Burger Bar to Gourmet Star

Warning: reading this may make you hungry.

Dining precinct plans unveiled for historic Queen St building

Plans have been unveiled for a new up-market central Auckland single-site dining precinct to rival the likes of the trendy Ponsonby Central, Viaduct, and Britomart precincts. The 1,700 square metre eatery conglomeration - named Queen’s Rise - is to be housed within the newly-redeveloped building at 125 Queen Street, and will be split over two floors. Some 13 tenancies are being offered - ranging ...
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