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In McSherrystown, feral cats becoming a problem

Two McSherrystown residents asked council Aug. 27 to do something about over five dozen feral cats that have taken up residence in town.

Major pet adoption event to kick off plan to end euthanasia

Six hundred cats and dogs of all sizes and colors will pack the Palm Beach County Convention Center on Saturday. By the end of the day, county animal advocates hope, half of them will be headed to new homes.

South Carolina political campaign goes to the dogs

CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — In some ways, political campaigning has gone to the dogs in South Carolina.

Football - Black Cats boosted by Coates

Sunderland have signed Liverpool defender Sebastian Coates on a season-long loan.

Pets Rescued From North Columbus House Fire

Firefighters rescue pets from a north Columbus home after a fire breaks out Monday afternoon.

Arizona Wildcats demolish UNLV Rebels en route to Week 1 Win

By the same score as a season ago, the Arizona Wildcats blew out the UNLV Rebels, 58-13. Led by freshman quarterback Anu Solomon, the 'Cats broke the school record of yards gained by pounding 787 yards in their season opener. It was Saturday, September 7, 2013, in Las Vegas, Nevada, when the Arizona Wildcats laid the hammer on UNLV in their own house by a final score of 58-13.  Fast-forward to ...

New Law In California Allows Dining With Pets On Patios

Gov. Jerry Brown has signed into law a bill making it perfectly legal to bring your dog out to dinner with you. The dog must remain in an outdoor-dining section, be on a leash, behave, and not be in the same area where food is being prepared. The law, which goes into effect Jan. 1 , should provide some relief to dog lovers statewide.

Furry Friday: Adoptable pets in Washtenaw County

We worked with the Humane Society of Huron Valley and Friends of Michigan Animals Rescue to share with you some pets that are available for adoption this weekend, Aug. 29-31. If you end up adopting one of these furry friends, send us your adoption story at and it could be featured on our website during Furry Friday!

Also in Russia: Cats with mortgages

Read full story for latest details.

Russian bank offers cats with mortgages

Read full story for latest details.

Cats Fall to Force Decisive Game Five

WEST SACRAMENTO, Calif. - The Reno Aces (80-63) kept their playoff hopes alive with a 7-3 victory over the Sacramento River Cats (79-64) on K-LOVE Sunday Funday at Raley Field, making Monday's season-finale a must-win for both clubs.

NY's Electric Zoo music fest shut down by storms

NEW YORK (AP) — The Electric Zoo music festival was shut down in the face of powerful thunderstorms Sunday, forcing thousands of people to leave its island setting and marking its second cancellation in as many years.

Activists held after trying to halt Faroe Island dolphin hunt

A dead pilot whale is seen in the water before being transported to a facility for a necropsy by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Fisheries Service on January 21, 2014 in Estero, Florida Fourteen activists from the radical animal rights group Sea Shepherd have been arrested in Denmark's Faroe Islands while trying to halt a traditional dolphin hunt, their organisation said Sunday. The activists were detained Saturday on the island of Sandoy while attempting to save a pod of 33 pilot whales -- members of the dolphin family -- which were being driven toward shore to be slaughtered, Lamya Essemlali, president of Sea Shepherd France, said. Large numbers of pilot whales are slaughtered each year on the Faroe Islands, an autonomous territory within the kingdom of Denmark. Sea Shepherd, which has waged a sometimes violent campaign against whalers and in defence of ocean wildlife, has denounced the hunt as brutal and archaic, and this year brought celebrities to the North Atlantic islands to cast a spotlight on the practice.

A luxe hotel manager learns the difference between people and pets — not much

It?s a metaphor for people and literal reality for pets, but after that the differences can be few.

Watch GTA 4 Transform Into Watch Dogs in This Amazing Mod

Watch GTA 4 Transform Into Watch Dogs in This Amazing Mod Aiden Pearce hacks Liberty City.

Watch GTA 4 Transform Into Watch Dogs in This Amazing Mod

Aiden Pearce hacks Liberty City.

Dogs that deserve thanks

August may bring on thoughts of the dreaded dog days of summer, but we prefer to think of them as the “Hero dog days of summer.” And this week, Americans have an entire day (August 26) dedicated to celebrating the hero dogs in our lives with National Dog Day.

Eaterwire: Washington Market's Sunday Suppers; Free Snap Dogs

Eaterwire: Washington Market's Sunday Suppers; Free Snap Dogs TRIBECA — Newcomer Washington Market Tavern is launching a 12-course tasting menu on Sunday, September 7. Courses include caribou moss, gooseneck barnacles, and caramel corn. A similar dinner will be available every other Sunday going forward. Reservations are required and...

Yarmouth Veterinarian Provides Stem Cell Therapy for Pets

YARMOUTH, Maine -- Yarmouth veterinarian Dr. Louise LeBoeuf and her colleagues at Yarmouth Veterinary Center are offering revolutionary stem cell therapy for pets. According to Dr. LeBoeuf, stem cell therapy ...

Luxury building bans dogs from touching lobby’s marble floors

Get your filthy paws off the doggone floor, Fifi! Pooches are in the doghouse at a ritzy new Upper West Side rental tower — where management has decreed that resident...

Prison dogs are tension-relievers for Colorado's mentally ill inmates

The mentally ill inmate has long been a recluse in his cell, refusing to utter a word to anyone or go anywhere near a therapy session.

Change in dogs’ toilet habits could have variety of causes

Question: I have two dogs, a mini 2-year-old female poodle and the older 6-year-old male Maltese. I have never trained them formally but I trained them to use a doggie door when they have to go out.

'Cat crisis' erupts in Surrey, where strays number in the thousands

Animal welfare groups say the population of stray and feral cats in at least one Metro Vancouver city has ballooned out of control. The Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association, or VOKRA, estimates that there are 20,000 stray cats in Surrey alone. "It's a little disturbing to find that so many are tame,” says Marlene Dunbrack, a volunteer cat trapper with VOKRA.

Pets: Great Plains SPCA

CLICK HERE to see more pets up for adoption CLICK HERE to donate to the Great Plains SPCA Adoption Center: 5424 Antioch Drive Merriam, KS 66202 (913) 742-7326 Monday, Wednesday-Friday: 12:00pm-7:00pm (winter hours) Saturday-Sunday: 11:00am-6:00pm Lost Pet & Intake Center 9800 West 67th Street Merriam, KS 66203 (913) 742-7329 Monday-Friday: 10:00am-6:00pm Saturday-Sunday: 11:00am-6:00pm ...

These Pizza Hut cats want to serve and entertain you

Pizza Hut Japan has a new Web series -- "Pizza Cat" -- about cats running one of its restaurants. We'll take extra mozzarella with that meow, thanks.>

Queens Park Rangers 1-0 Sunderland: Austin’s Opener Enough For Rangers

QPR hold on to beat the Black Cats after Charlie Austin’s first half goal Charlie Austin’s first half added time goal was enough for QPR to register their first Premiership win leaving Sunderland winless. The first chance fell to Sunderland after only 30 seconds.

Leave that iguana in the jungle, expert tells Costa Rica

Thousands of parrots, monkeys, iguanas, toucans, turtles and other rainforest animals are kept as exotic pets in Costa Rica, a practice putting some species at risk, according to experts. The Central American country, famous for its rich biodiversity, won plaudits from conservationists two years ago for banning sport hunting in a pioneering move to protect wild animals. "There are no precise ...

California man is guilty of murder after his dogs kill woman

(AP) — A jury on Friday found a man guilty of murder after his pit bulls mauled a woman to death in a high desert town in California where residents said they carried rocks and guns for protection against packs of dogs.

Man guilty of murder after his dogs kill woman

Prosecutors say dogs had been involved in several earlier altercations and owner knew they were dangerous before they mauled 63-year-old woman

Man is guilty of murder after his dogs kill woman

LANCASTER, Calif. (AP) — A jury on Friday found a man guilty of murder after his pit bulls mauled a woman to death in a high desert town in California where residents said they carried rocks and guns for protection against packs of dogs.

Community Discussion: Can pets be sustainable?

Pets may not be good for the environment, so can we justify keeping them?

20 Corals Added to Endangered Species List

20 Corals Added to Endangered Species List A tenfold increase in the number of protected coral species was announced this week, with 20 new corals added to the list of threatened species. In total, 22 coral species are now classified as threatened under the Endangered Species Act. Two coral species were previously listed in 2006. Reef-building coral face severe threats from climate change, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said in a statement Wednesday (Aug. 27) announcing the new listings.

Singaporeans go barking mad over bid to silence dogs

A suggestion by Singapore's public housing authority that owners of noisy dogs consider "debarking" their pets to avoid inconveniencing neighbours has raised animal lovers' hackles in the city-state and prompted much ridicule on social media. The authority, the Housing and Development Board (HDB), recommended in a notice posted in a residential block that one option for dogs that will not keep quiet is to "debark" them. Debarking involves removing a section of a dog's vocal cord to reduce the volume of its bark and is recommended as a solution of "last resort" to control noisy pets, according to the website of Singapore's Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority. The notice was in response to feedback about "dog barking nuisance in the middle of the night" in a block of public housing apartments.

Dogs get blues when youngsters go back to school

This Aug. 19, 2014 photo provided by Jill Williams shows kindergartner Harry Williams, 7, with his dogs Flora and Gandalf on his way to the bus stop on first day of school in Kanab, Utah. For millions of dogs across the country, summer is gone and so are their best buddies. Most dogs object for a while but eventually adjust to the new hours. But millions of others will feel abandoned, panicky, sad and unable to cope as they look for ways to lash out. (AP Photo/Jill Williams) LOS ANGELES (AP) — Young people aren't the only ones who get back-to-school blues. Pooches used to months of constant playtime can get upset when their best buddies disappear with the dog days of summer.

Dogs get blues when youngsters go back to school

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Young people aren't the only ones who get back-to-school blues. Pooches used to months of constant playtime can get upset when their best buddies disappear with the dog days of summer.

Eaterwire: Shake Shack Corn Dogs; Humboldt & Jackson's Beer Bash

Eaterwire: Shake Shack Corn Dogs; Humboldt & Jackson's Beer Bash SHACK ATTACK — Shake Shack's corn dog, which comes served with Rick's Picks sweet corn relish, and peach pie oh my concrete (vanilla custard belnded with peach pie) will make a brief comeback this weekend, starting Friday and running through...

Dining Unleashed: California Has Legalized Outdoor Dining with Dogs

Dining Unleashed: California Has Legalized Outdoor Dining with Dogs Not that you'd know it from the average SF patio, but bringing your dog to eat outdoors with you is technically illegal in the state of California—or it was, until yesterday. Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill that will...

Man arrested for shooting dogs suspected in three L.A. homicides

By Daina Beth Solomon LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A 34-year-old man who was arrested after shooting two dogs over the weekend is also considered a suspect in three homicides committed within an hour across Los Angeles' sprawling San Fernando Valley, police said on Monday. Alexander Hernandez of Sylmar was detained on animal cruelty charges after shooting two dogs to death on Saturday, Los Angeles Police spokeswoman Liliana Preciado said.    Hernandez was also a suspect in the fatal shootings of a man in his twenties or thirties, a woman about 50 years old, and a woman in her early twenties whose two family members were also wounded, Preciado said. Preciado said Hernandez was linked to the three killings because it appeared the same shotgun involved in the murders was used to shoot the dogs.   The suspect may have fired at the victims from a tan or gold SUV with tinted windows driving through a suburb outside of Los Angeles in the pre-dawn hours.    Los Angeles Police captain William Hayes told reporters at a press conference on Sunday evening that Hernandez barricaded himself in his home for an hour on Sunday night, after which a police SWAT team took him into custody.   “You have three grievous incidents, you have horrendous incidents,” Hayes said at the briefing outside Hernandez’s home.

Directioners, Arianators, Katy Cats, Oh My: Stanbase Names, Ranked

Directioners, Arianators, Katy Cats, Oh My: Stanbase Names, Ranked Ariana Grande's new album My Everything is out! Hasn't it felt like our entire summers have been leading to this event? Don't speak if your answer is no, you're ruining the moment for hundreds of Arianators. What are Arianators, you ask? Each group of fans and stans has a name – like the Arianators – but not all stanbase names are created equal.

Two endangered Florida panther cubs die after being hit by cars

A panther is shown in this handout photograph courtesy of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission By Letitia Stein TAMPA Fla. (Reuters) - Two rare Florida panther cubs were struck and killed by cars during the weekend, authorities said on Monday, bringing the total road deaths for the endangered species to 16 this year. The 4-month-old panther cubs appeared to have been hit in separate incidents while crossing a rural road in Collier County in the southwestern part of the state, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. "Our concern is that she may come back looking for her kittens," said Darrell Land, the agency's Florida panther team leader. The number of Florida panthers has more than tripled in recent decades to between 100 and 180, according to government estimates, but the species remains a long way from being downgraded on the endangered list.

Wildlife 'WikiLeaks' targets poaching in Africa

Kruger National Park staff walk near the carcass of a three-day-old rhinoceros killed by poachers at Houtboschrand in the southern part of Kruger National Park, northeastern South Africa, on November 27, 2013 Poachers slaughtering Africa's elephants and rhinos with impunity are often shielded from police by powerful connections, but a group of conservationists has turned to the anonymity of tip-offs to try to stem the killing. The founders of WildLeaks -- a sort of WikiLeaks for the environment -- say it is the first secure, online whistle-blowing platform dedicated to wildlife and forest crime. While wildlife rangers face gun battles in national parks with poachers carrying out the slaughter, the online project hopes to target the top-end traffickers who cream off millions of dollars in profit. "We got, for example, a very interesting leak on a very powerful individual in Kenya, linked to the government, who is behind the ivory trade," said founder Andrea Costa, a former security consultant and longtime conservationist.

Marino back with Dolphins as special adviser

MIAMI (AP) — Dan Marino is returning to the Miami Dolphins.

Pet Grooming Keeps Pets Cool in the Heat

JACKSONVILLE, N.C. -- Pet grooming offers many important benefits for dogs and cats, including reducing the risk for heat exhaustion. Trimming longer haired pets helps them stay cooler and reduces the ...

Watch Dogs Patch Responds to Community Feedback

Watch Dogs Patch Responds to Community Feedback Ubisoft's been working hard on a patch that addresses Watch Dog's bad online behavior and drinking game.

Birthday bash for U.S. National Zoo panda cub 'Bao Boa'

(Reuters) - A rambunctious panda bear cub celebrated a rare first birthday with a special cake and traditional Chinese gifts at the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington on Saturday, zoo officials said. Bao Bao, a 44-pound female, is the second panda in the zoo's history to live a full year, as the endangered species produce tiny and delicate offspring that are often unable to survive infancy, zoo spokeswoman Devon Murphy said. "Today, we are celebrating one of our biggest conservation successes," Dennis Kelly, director of the National Zoo, said in a statement. "It’s been amazing for us, our members and all of Washington, D.C., to watch Bao Bao thrive and grow." For her birthday, Bao Bao received several items, including pictures of peaches and bamboo, symbolizing longevity and good heath as part of the Chinese tradition of Zhuazhou, the zoo said.

Judge blocks Montana from logging in grizzly territory

Conservation groups on Friday hailed a court decision that blocks Montana from building roads and logging in nearly 37,000 acres of a state forest that serves as core habitat for protected grizzly bears. Fish and Wildlife Service violated the Endangered Species Act by issuing a permit to Montana allowing it to open the Stillwater State Forest to timber harvests in areas that would damage grizzly territory. Just five populations of the hump-shouldered bruins are found in the Lower 48 states, including roughly 1,000 grizzlies along the northern Continental Divide in Montana, and an estimated 600 in and around Yellowstone National Park in the northern Rockies. It is the population along the Continental Divide that is at stake in the legal case brought against logging proposals in the Stillwater State Forest, in northwestern Montana.

This Pizza Hut Run By Cats Is Really Inefficient But Super Cute So Who Cares

Sadly Pizza Cat, or a Pizza Hut Japan run by cats, is not a real thing but just an ad campaign. That doesn't mean you shouldn't go watch these adorable videos of cats (not really) doing things like delivering...

Exclusive Hotel Hell Video: Has This Inn Gone to the Dogs?

Gordon Ramsay | Photo Credits: James Dimmock/Fox There's nothing like staying at the luxurious Four Seasons hotel. There's also nothing like staying at the Four Seasons Inn, but for a completely different reason.On Monday's all-new Hotel Hell (9/8c, Fox), Gordon Ramsay visits the Vermont establishment and quickly learns that it has no affiliation with the famous hotel chain. Not only that, but it appears that the inn has no affiliation with true hospitality either, unless you happen to have four legs and a wagging tail. Read More > Other Links From Gordon Ramsay Hotel Hell

Coming Attractions?: Fusion food for humans and dogs...

Coming Attractions?: Fusion food for humans and dogs... Fusion food for humans and dogs may soon hit the streets via Equal Bites For All, a carob-pushing aspiring food truck, attempting to launch via Kickstarter: "Our Pet/Human fusion offers a wide variety of treats, eats and drinks that are...

Colorado college lets students keep pets in dorms

GREELEY, Colo. (AP) — It's move-in day at the University of Northern Colorado, and this year some students are being allowed to bring their cats or dogs to live with them in dorms. $16.95 A Day Rental Cars from