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River Cats to Meet with Multiple MLB Teams, Weighing Options

WEST SACRAMENTO- Last Friday the River Cats asked Major League Baseball for permission to speak with multiple MLB teams about the possibility of stepping away from the Oakland A’s farm system. According to Mark Ling of the River Cats, the team could stay with the Oakland A’s or could partner with a different MLB team; […]

ROBBINSVILLE: Saving pets one lick at a time

ROBBINSVILLE — Making the decision to euthanize a pet is difficult, especially when the beloved animal can be saved by medical care that the family simply can’t afford.

Dogs tied up and abandoned in Virginia Beach park

Virginia Beach Animal Control Officers are looking for the person who tied three dogs to a pole in a neighborhood park and then abandoned them.

River Cats to end Triple-A affiliation with Athletics

Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle reports that the Sacramento River Cats have filed to end their 15-year Triple-A affiliation with the Oakland Athletics. Slusser reports that the Nashville Sounds are the most likely to become Oakland's new Triple-A affiliate. Nashville, like Sacramento, plays in the Pacific Coast League, and is currently the Triple-A affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers ...

REVIEW: 'Cats' at the Paramount Theatre ★★★

When Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Cats" first opened in London in 1981, long before the kitty takeover of social media, I recall my teenage self marveling over a line in the newspaper advertisements of the time. "No admission," the ads would say, "while the auditorium is in motion."

More Americans living alone and have greater number of pets

Kim Sporrer tries to keep Zoie engaged in interesting activity. (Photo provided by Kim Sporrer)The number of Americans living alone is growing and so is the number of singles who have pets,

Weather Gang: Sun dogs delight D.C. skywatchers

Photos of the sun dogs were captured not only in Washington, D.C., but in Alabama and Massachusetts, as well.

EU, U.S. blast Iceland for stepping up whaling

Workers cut up a finwhale at a port in Reykjavik BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Union and United States delivered a strongly worded complaint to Iceland on Monday condemning an increase in whaling and urging it to observe an international ban on the commercial hunting of whales. In a joint move with other nations, including Brazil, Mexico and Australia, the European Commission said its ambassador in Reykjavik delivered a note - a diplomatic "demarche" - saying Iceland was harming efforts to save endangered species and urged it to stop trading whale meat, oil and other material. "We ... ...

Future Diablo 3 Patch Will Likely Address Pet Survivability, Says Blizzard

Been having some trouble keeping your pets alive in Diablo III? Game Designer John Yang offers some tips.

70 dead cats found at home after tenants tipped off authorities

Douglas Westcott, 55, arrested on child porn charges after Crime Stoppers tip Douglas Westcott, 55, arrested on child porn charges after Crime Stoppers tip


SCOUT is an absolutely stunning cat with a great purrsonality to match. He’s an in-your-face kind of guy! Looking for a talker? Then BELLAMY is your girl. This little lady is a wonderful cat that wo

Workers' tears for Manchester Dogs' Home fire as Simon Cowell donates

Staff wore their uniform for the service at Christ Church, Harpurhey, near the Manchester home that was gutted by fire in a suspected arson attack last week.

The Truth about Pets and Dating

PetSmart Charities® of Canada and reveal how pets play a role in relationships Stir, events by Match, is in its third year of providing singles with creative and innovative experiences for singles to meet offline.

VIDEO: Why has dogs' home fire raised £1m?

Why did the fire at Manchester Dogs' Home on Friday capture the public's imagination and raise £1 million within 24 hours?

Thirsty Serengeti wildlife to get new water hole: Lake Victoria

Wildbeest graze in Serengeti National Park By Kizito Makoye DAR ES SALAAM Tanzania (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - After decades of struggling to help the wildlife of Serengeti National Park cope with Tanzania's increasingly intense droughts, the government is implementing a controversial plan to use Lake Victoria as an alternative water source for animals. The project aims to ensure the survival of millions of animals, including the wildebeests and zebras that take part in the Great Migration every year, and involves reviving a 36 sq km (14 sq mile) wildlife corridor by extending the border of the park to Lake Victoria's Gulf of Speke.

Finley Cats claw way into big one

REIGNING premiers Echuca United had their feathers clipped by Finley.

Resurgent Cats claw way into big one

REIGNING premiers Echuca United had their feathers clipped by a Finley team which has surged into the grand final against Rumbalara.

Whole Pets opens second Boulder location

When the first Whole Pets opened in central Boulder in 2001, the natural pet food and supplies store found a fitting neighbor in Whole Foods.

Cowell pledges £25k to dogs' home

Simon Cowell pledges £25,000 to Manchester Dogs' Home after a large fire killed dozens of animals, the centre said.

Bangladesh meet begins to save endangered tigers

The wild tiger population has declined to just 3,200 Some 140 tiger experts and government officials from 20 countries met in the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka on Sunday to review progress towards an ambitious goal of doubling their number in the wild by 2022. "We need accurate figures so that we know where we stand," said Kushlin, who also works for the World Bank.

John Clay: Cats find hope amid heartbreak

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — You can talk heartbreak or you can talk hope. Let's go with the hop

Regular brushing keeps long-haired cats comfy during summer

Question: Do cats feel the summer heat like dogs do? I’m wondering if I should shave my long-haired cat to make her more comfortable during the season or if it is a bad idea since she is usually in the air conditioning with occasional trips out to the screened patio.

Art history, starring cats and dogs

A millennia-spanning exhibition at the Blanton Museum of Art in Austin is devoted to our fascinating four-legged companions

Big Cats Eat Dogs in India, Leopard Poop Reveals

Big Cats Eat Dogs in India, Leopard Poop Reveals Leopards that roam rural India have a surprising favorite food: dogs.

Big Cats Eat Dogs in India, Leopard Poop Reveals

Leopards that roam rural India have a surprising favorite food: dogs.

Well-wishers overwhelm dogs' home

Cheshire Dogs' Home is forced to tell people to stay away after hundreds of people travelled to the site to adopt dogs and bring animal supplies.

$2 Million Donated to Shelter That Lost 50 Dogs

Greater Manchester police were inspecting the charred Manchester Dogs Home on Friday to determine how the blaze, which left 50 dogs dead, broke out.

Oregon Zoo euthanizes newborn lion cub after injury

(Reuters) - The Oregon Zoo said on Friday it was forced to euthanize a newborn lion cub after it had been grievously injured by its mother accidentally. Zoo workers became worried about the four-day-old cub on Thursday night when they noticed it wasn't moving like its three siblings, the zoo said in a statement.

More than £1m floods in for British dogs' home after blaze

A dogs' home in northern England said it was "overwhelmed" after an online appeal launched following a horrific blaze, which claimed the lives of 53 animals, raised £1 million in 24 hours. Police have arrested a 15-year-old boy on suspicion of arson over the devastating fire at Manchester Dogs' Home, which broke out around 7.00 pm (1800GMT) on Thursday. Hundreds of volunteers immediately ...

Resources to Find Your Missing Pets

If you have pets, it's probably something you've experienced, sometimes more than once. Your furry friend is missing. Usually they come back after a night on their own. But sometimes, they're gone for days. Katie Gibas reports.

43 dogs die in fire

A suspected arson attack on a dogs' home in the northern English city of Manchester has killed 43 dogs, shocking a nation known within Europe for its devotion to pets.

No-pets policies seem to be growing

DEAR JOAN: We rent here in a nice part of Concord and the owners are selling their house. That is not the problem -- things happen. However, with the way the housing market is, finding another place to rent that allows pets is very challenging.

PetSmart Charities(R), Mohawk Hudson Humane Society Team Up to Save Hundreds of Pets in New York

Homeless pets in the Capital Region will have a better chance finding a loving home thanks to a partnership between PetSmart Charities and the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society. The two have teamed up with ...

Fury as mother bear dies after capture in Italian Alps

One of the handful of brown bears in the Italian alps has died after being tranquilised One of the handful of brown bears living in the Italian Alps has died after being tranquilised for capture in an operation ordered after she mauled a mushroom hunter. In an incident that enfuriated animal rights groups, the 19-year-old female, Daniza, was knocked out so that she could be transferred to a more remote part of the Trento region of northern Italy, a spokesman for the provincial government said. Carla Rocchi, the chair of the Italian Association for the Protection of Animals (ENPA), added: "This didn't happen by chance or by accident. Local officials had been trying to capture Daniza since August 15, when she injured Daniele Maturi, a local man who chanced upon her and her two cubs in woods near the small village of Pinzolo, sparking a national debate over the wisdom of efforts to conserve a colony of bears in the Alps.

New curbs on trade in threatened sharks

A hammerhead shark swims in a large tank at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. The 178 members of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) agreed in March 2013 to tighten regulations on the trade of the three types of hammerhead shark, the porbeagle and oceanic whitetip shark, and two types of manta ray. "The listing was a victory for science over politics," Andy Cornish, who heads a shark preservation initiative backed by WWF and wildlife trade monitoring network Traffic, said in a statement. More than 70 million sharks are killed worldwide every year, according to WWF, with high demand for shark fins in Asia the biggest driver of the overfishing. Traffic has estimated the total value of the shark fin trade at more than $480 million per year, with the fish hunted for their meat, leather, liver oil and cartilage.

50 dead cats found in freezers in Florida home

LAKE WORTH, Fla. (AP) — Detectives found 50 dead cats in four freezers at the home of a South Florida man while serving a warrant for child pornography.

Endangered Pupfish Could Vanish in 30 Years, Egg by Egg

Endangered Pupfish Could Vanish in 30 Years, Egg by Egg Kept under lock and key, the Devils Hole pupfish (Cyprinodon diabolis) has teetered on the brink of extinction since it made the federal list of endangered species in 1967. In April, biologists announced that Ash Meadows pupfish had laid eggs in captivity for the first time. Even with the initial success at Ash Meadows, wildlife officials continue to collect fish eggs from the original dwellers in Devils Hole cavern. This poses a risk to the shrinking pupfish population, however.

Police find dead cats in Florida child porn suspect's home

(Reuters) - A Florida man wanted on child pornography charges was found living among numerous dead and living cats, police said on Wednesday without confirming a media report that about 50 dead felines were found in the suspect's freezer. Douglas Westcott, 55, was being arrested on three counts of child pornography at his Lake Worth home when police found the dead animals, the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office said in a statement. About 50 dead cats were found in freezers inside Westcott's home along with some three dozen living cats, the Palm Beach Post reported.

No charges after ship strike killed humpback whale off Alaska

By Steve Quinn JUNEAU Alaska (Reuters) - A ship strike killed a protected humpback whale off Kodiak, Alaska, but an investigation could not conclude whether a state ferry was responsible and no charges will be filed, federal officials said on Wednesday. The whales are protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act and under the Endangered Species Act. Doug Meecum, deputy regional administrator with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, said there was no evidence of any violation of laws, regulations or procedures. Kate Wynne, a marine mammal specialist for the University of Alaska Sea Grant Program, led the necropsy in late July.

Florida wildlife regulators clamp down on invasive lionfish

To go with Reuters Life! LIONFISH-CARIBBEAN/INVASION By Zachary Fagenson MIAMI (Reuters) - Florida wildlife regulators on Wednesday banned lionfish breeding as part of a struggle to control the invasive species that devours other fish and threatens coastal ecosystems. The state prohibited the possession of lionfish eggs and larvae as well, after Florida last month became the first state in United States to outlaw importation of the barbed fish. Bringing lionfish into Florida is now punishable by up to a year in prison and a $1,000 fine. "Every change that encourages removal is a step toward successfully limiting the negative impacts lionfish have on native fish and wildlife," said Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Executive Director Nick Wiley in a statement.

Long tongues and leaping cats in 60th World Records book

A recent handout picture released by the Guinness World Records on September 9, 2014, shows Nick Stoeberl from California, who has secured his place in the 2015 book for having the longest tongue that measures 10.1cm From super-long tongues to leaping cats, a host of weird and wacky landmarks have made the cut for the 60th anniversary edition of the Guinness World Records book launched on Wednesday. They include Californian Nick Stoeberl, possessor of the world's longest tongue at 10.1 centimetres (four inches). British film buff Nick Bennett earned a place in the compendium for having the largest collection of James Bond memorabilia, with 12,463 items from model cars to posters displayed in a shrine in his house. In Japan, Akiko Obata has the largest collection of plastic food, with more than 8,000 items including giant plastic burgers, donuts and dishes of everything from soup to desserts filling her apartment.

Watch Dogs launches for Wii U Nov. 18

Watch Dogs launches for Wii U Nov. 18 Ubisoft will release the Wii U version of its open-world stealth hacking game, Watch Dogs, Nov. 18 in North America, the company announced today. The Wii U version will feature new functions specific to the console. The Wii U version also includes Off-TV play, which allows users to play the game on the GamePad and away from the Wii U.

Hey, Watch Dogs Still Exists for Wii U

Hey, Watch Dogs Still Exists for Wii U Ubisoft has given Nintendo's version of the game a November 18 release date.

Watch Dogs Wii U Release Date Confirmed for November

Watch Dogs Wii U Release Date Confirmed for November The much-anticipated open-world game from Ubisoft is finally coming to Nintendo's Wii U and will ship November 2014.

PBS' 'Shelter Me' puts at-risk pets in limelight

In this March 22, 2014 photo provided by Shelter Me, the public greets a plane full of shelter dogs at the Coeur d'Alene airport in Idaho in the new episode, "Shelter Me: New Beginnings." These lifesaving flights transport shelter pets from overcrowded shelters and brings them to areas of the country that can get them quickly adopted. (AP Photo/Shelter Me, Sandy Clemons) LOS ANGELES (AP) — Any animal can end up at a public shelter, but most of them won't stay long. There, millions of dogs and cats face euthanasia, driving one filmmaker to turn his camera into a lifesaver.

PBS' 'Shelter Me' puts at-risk pets in limelight

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Any animal can end up at a public shelter, but most of them won't stay long. There, millions of dogs and cats face euthanasia, driving one filmmaker to turn his camera into a lifesaver.

Montana governor issues sage grouse conservation plan

Montana's governor on Tuesday signed an executive order creating a habitat conservation plan for sage grouse in a bid to keep management of the imperiled bird in state hands rather than see it come under strict federal Endangered Species Act protections. The greater sage-grouse, a chicken-sized bird dependant on shrinking sagebrush ecosystems in Montana and 10 other Western states, is at the center of a battle that pits environmentalists against industries such as ranching and energy development. "Montanans recognize that it is in the best interest of our state, its economy and our quality of life to maintain state management of the greater sage-grouse," Governor Steve Bullock, a Democrat, said in a statement. Montana is the latest of core sage-grouse states, including Idaho, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming, to craft a plan aimed at increasing populations of the bird to avoid federal listing.

Borderlands, Watch Dogs Discounted in Xbox One/360 Weekly Deals

Borderlands, Watch Dogs Discounted in Xbox One/360 Weekly Deals New Deals With Gold featuring Borderlands 2 and all of its DLC kicks off on Destiny's launch day.

Kindness to wildlife can pay off in the garden

In this August 18, 2013 photo, this blacktail doe and fawn are steered away from these backyard gardens by some appealing-to-the-eye fencing in Langley, Wash. Many people are wildlife watchers and enjoy having them around but any species can become a nuisance in the garden. A variety of benign control and prevention techniques are available including repellants, frightening techniques and distracting them with other plants. (AP Photo/Dean Fosdick) Competition and conflict have existed between people and animals since the first gardeners began sowing seeds on the ground. The critters just as quickly carried them away.

California blue whales, once nearly extinct, back at historical levels

Blue Whales are seen in this undated handout photo By Dan Whitcomb LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - California blue whales, the largest animals on Earth once driven to near extinction by whaling, have made a remarkable comeback to near historic, 19th-century levels, according to a University of Washington study released on Friday. The recovery makes California blue whales - which study authors say now number about 2,200, or 97 percent of historical levels - the only population of blue whales known to have recovered from whaling. "The recovery of California blue whales from whaling demonstrates the ability of blue whale populations to rebuild under careful management and conservation measures," said Cole Monnahan, a University of Washington doctoral student and lead author of the study. Despite the comeback, the whales - which as adults can reach nearly 100 feet (30 meters) in length and weigh 190 tons (172 tonnes), twice as much as the largest known dinosaur - are still being struck by ships off the California coast at numbers above allowable U.S.

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