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Watch El-P Audition Cats For Run the Jewels’ Meow Remix Album

El-P has been reading angry messages from Taylor Swift superfans ever since he dissed her new song “Welcome to New York” yesterday (Oct. 20), but we...

CATS restores part of North Tryon bus service

CATS officials said they have added a loop to the Route 11 (North Tryon) line that restores service along Mallard Creek Church Road.

Teesside vet gives advice to calm pets on Bonfire Night

A TEESSIDE vet has issued advice on how to keep pets calm in the Bonfire Night period.

Watch These Adorable Cats Try To Rap

Watch El-P audition cats for his all-cat remix album, Meow The Jewels .

Keeping Pets Safe in an Emergency

Lisa Chelenza has some tips to help you and your pets stay safe in an emergency in this edition of "Pet Pointers."

Reuniting soldiers, dogs they left behind

Staff Sgt. Edwin Caba served in Afghanistan for nearly three years. Like his fellow soldiers, he longed for a sense of normalcy during his tours.

My Pet World: Officials hope to have a protocol soon regarding pets and Ebola

Q: Can dogs and cats get the Ebola virus? If the answer is no, as I believe it is, why did they kill that dog from Spain?

Community Cats Book Details Public Opinion on Feral Cats and Programs in Place to Manage Urban Rat Infestations

CHICAGO, Oct. 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr. Anne Beall faced a dilemma; Research led her to the Cats at Work Program which became the impetus for her latest book entitled Community Cats: A Journey into the World of Feral Cats. There are an estimated 89 million outdoor cats in the US and there are 8,000 working cats in Chicago, without which the Chicago rat population would explode.  Dr. Beall's ...

Feral cats are not stray cats

People often confuse feral and stray cats, but while they are both feline, they are very different.

Pets dumped like ‘rubbish’ as county earns cruelty tag

Pets are being dumped like rubbish in Lancashire, according to a new report.

Ovitrol® X-Tend™ Helps Take The Bite Out Of Peak Flea Season With Donation To Homeless Pets

To help stop the spread of fleas and ensure pets are protected this season and all year, Veterinary Products Laboratories (VPL), the makers of Ovitrol® X-Tend™ Flea & Tick Spot On® products for Dogs and Cats, has donated $15,000 worth of the flea and tick treatments to five animal shelter organizations located in regions known for having a high prevalence of fleas year-round; The donation will ...

Dogs Can Be Pessimists, Too

Dogs may seem happy-go-lucky, but according to a new study some pooches might actually be cynics

Decision about dogs in Rio Rancho parks on hold

More than 70 percent of residents who took the city's online survey said they would like to see Rio ...

Maui survey tallies 1,000 feral cats in proximity to endangered birds

Researchers are concerned about the number of cats near a Maui wildlife sanctuary that's home to endangered birds.

Lucas County Dogs for Adoption: 10-21

Dogs remain available at the Lucas County Canine Care & Control Office, 410 South Erie St., Toledo. For information, call 419-213-2800.

Dangerous dog applications filed for 4 dogs in September attack

The owners of four dogs involved in a September attack in Edmonton will have to wait a while longer to learn the final verdict on what will happen to their pets. The attack, which happened near 101st Street and 112th Avenue, sent a 54-year-old woman to hospital and her dog to the vet, both with serious injuries. Keith Scott with Animal Control said the city has been working with Edmonton police ...

Bring your pet to the movies to raise vital welfare funds

Popcorn and pets — it’s set to be a Halloween movie date with a difference.

Berkeley May Ban ‘No-Pet’ Restrictions on Apartments

The all-pets-welcome rule, now in the conceptual stage, is raising landlords' hackle

War Dogs: Canines of Many Talents

In this adapted excerpt from a new book, the author combines her experience with military working dogs and the science of dogs’ special abilities to make a case for our war dog force -- Read more on

Naming cats and dogs: New figures show we like giving our animals celebrity names

The research, based on 70,000 pets from clinics in Dublin, Meath and Kildare, also shows a decline for some of the more traditional monikers.

Can Dogs Transmit Ebola? Different Approaches Explained

As we learned that nurse Nina Pham contracted Ebola last week after taking care of Thomas Eric Duncan at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, we also learned that her beloved dog, Bentley, a King Charles spaniel, was one of her contacts being placed into quarantine.

Cats will dine until their delicacy is rare: University of Sydney research

Some cat owners may have noticed their kitty has particular tastes when it comes to the half-eaten presents left on the doorstep.

Dogs gets more knee surgeries than people

Many more dogs than people with similar injuries are getting surgery each year.

Watch Dogs for $20, Assassin's Creed IV for $18, and More in GameFly Sale

Watch Dogs for $20, Assassin's Creed IV for $18, and More in GameFly Sale Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare for $18, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, for $9 and more used games for cheap.

Pets Wear Their Halloween Costumes for 'Pets and Pumpkins'

SPRNGFIELD, Mo.-- Pet lovers will have a chance to show off their fur kids Halloween costumes at the 7th Annual Pets and Pumpkins Festival Oct. 18. Pets and Pumpkins will take place from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. just two blocks from Historic Commercial St. between Robberson Ave. and Campbell St.  Families and pets are invited to come to the event for trick-or-treating for both s pets and children ...

Pets and Space: What Toy Retailers Hope Will Be Hot This Holiday

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Retailers are betting that pets and space will be big with kids this holiday season.a The stakes are high. In 2013, shoppers spent $602 billion on the holidays, according to the National Retail Federation. Much of that spending is on toys.aBetween Thanksgiving and "Cyber Monday," Amazon fielded more than five toy orders per second from customers using mobile devices alone ...

‘War Dogs,’ by Rebecca Frankel

In ?War Dogs,? Rebecca Frankel writes about dogs at war and the humans who handle them.

All dogs allowed: Whistle Activity Monitor hits Apple shelves

Whistle Activity Monitor: Your dog's very own wearable tracker The first dog activity monitor to become available in Apple retail stores in the US and Canada has hit the shelves at a reduced price, increasing availability of the device for the nearly 68 percent of US households with a pet.

Montana to give bison from Yellowstone to tribes instead of zoos

A car is stopped by a herd of bison crossing the highway in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming By Laura Zuckerman (Reuters) - An Indian reservation in Montana will receive 145 bison from Yellowstone National Park that were quarantined to create a herd free of a disease that threatens ranchers' cattle, according to a government plan approved on Thursday. The Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission agreed unanimously to give the bison to the Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes of the Fort Peck Indian Reservation to further the conservation of the country's last herd of wild, purebred buffalo. ...

Kids, dogs touch same soft spots in the brain: study

By Janice Neumann NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Brain scans showing that human responses to our dogs are not unlike those evoked by our children suggest a deep evolutionary bond, according to a recent study. The findings are in line with dogs’ special place as mankind’s best friend, and may support the benefits of dog-assisted therapies, researchers say. “The overlap says a lot about how similar the relationships could be, but we’re only speculating,” said Lori Palley, who led the study with Luke Stoeckel at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. ...

EU court orders Tamil Tigers' removal from terror list

A woman holds a Tamil Tiger flag on April 30, 2009 in Paris A European court on Thursday ordered Brussels to remove Sri Lanka's Tamil Tigers from an EU terror list, but said the group's assets should stay frozen pending further legal action.

Australia aims to end extinction of native wildlife by 2020

An undated handout photo taken in November 2010 and released by the Charles Darwin University on June 4, 2014 shows a feral cat in the Northern Territory Australia's Environment Minister Greg Hunt has pledged to end the extinction of native mammal species by 2020, with a focus on culprits such as feral cats.

Why PetMed Express (PETS) Might Surprise This Earnings Season

PetMed Express has a positive Earnings ESP and a favorable Zacks Rank, suggesting that stock is poised to beat at the next earnings season.

Dogs welcome at St. Louis museum about, well, dogs

This Oct. 11, 2014 photo provided by the American Kennel Club Museum of the Dog in Queeny Park in St. Louis shows a visitor looking at museum exhibits accompanied by her dog. The museum is filled with dog art _ paintings, sculptures, porcelain figures and more _ and visitors are allowed to bring leashed dogs along on their visits. (AP Photo/ American Kennel Club Museum of the Dog, Diane Saltzman) ST. LOUIS (AP) — Exhibits include dog paintings, dog sculptures and displays about famous dogs. But what really makes this St. Louis museum unique is the visitors: Dogs are welcome, and curators aren't worried about the canines knocking things over or making a mess.

Dogs welcome at St. Louis museum about, well, dogs

ST. LOUIS (AP) — Exhibits include dog paintings, dog sculptures and displays about famous dogs. But what really makes this St. Louis museum unique is the visitors: Dogs are welcome, and curators aren't worried about the canines knocking things over or making a mess.

Humane society: 40 cats seized from Security home are euthanized

Forty cats seized from a home in Security on Tuesday have been euthanized, the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region said Wednesday.

Rough-and-tumble dogs top people on knee surgery

In this Sept. 8, 2011 photo provided by Brenda Mader, Mader rides her 7-year-old service dog, Max, on her scooter, in Lewisburg, Pa. While dogs are living longer and becoming bigger parts of people's lives, more pet owners are getting the surgeries for their pets. Surgery gave a boost to Max after his left knee gave out. (AP Photo/Brenda Mader Family) LOS ANGELES (AP) — Dashing after a ball or tumbling off a couch make dogs up to 10 times as likely to get surgery on a key knee ligament that is similar to the one athletes often injure.

What's new in the Definitive Edition of Sleeping Dogs?

What's new in the Definitive Edition of Sleeping Dogs? In developing the remastered version of Sleeping Dogs, United Front Games did its best to ensure that the final result lived up to the "Definitive Edition" moniker, according to senior producer Dan Sochan. Because United Front Games, the game's original developer, was making the Definitive Edition instead of a third-party port house, the studio wanted to give the project an extra dose of TLC. The remastered package offers the usual slate of visual upgrades, but United Front didn't want to stop there.

Supreme Court leaves California foie gras ban intact

Duck liver is displayed at French Restaurant Jean Ramet in Bordeaux By Lawrence Hurley WASHINGTON (Reuters) - In a victory for animal rights activists, the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday allowed California to continue to ban foie gras, a delicacy produced from the enlarged livers of ducks and geese that have been force-fed corn. Rejecting a legal challenge to the state law, the court declined to hear an appeal filed by restaurants and producers of foie gras. In doing so, the high court left intact an August 2013 ruling by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upholding the law. California enacted the law in 2004 but it did not go into effect until 2012. ...

Conservation groups sue U.S. government over wolverine protection

A wolverine walks across the snow in this U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service photo By Victoria Cavaliere SEATTLE (Reuters) - Wildlife conservation groups have filed a lawsuit against the U.S. government for denying federal protection for rare wolverines in the mountains of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, the groups' attorney said Tuesday. The eight conservation organizations sued the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in federal court in Montana on Monday seeking to reverse an August decision not to apply Endangered Species Act safeguards for the reclusive but feisty member of the weasel family. ...

Dolphins reinstate Shelby after suspension for arrest

(Reuters) - The Miami Dolphins on Tuesday reinstated defensive end Derrick Shelby after a one-game suspension following his arrest at a Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, nightclub on misdemeanor charges of trespassing and resisting arrest without violence. Shelby was kicked out of the club for groping two women and refusing to listen to an off-duty police officer's instructions to leave the club's entrance, according to the police report of the Oct. 4 incident. "I accept responsibility for the distraction I caused the team last week," Shelby said in a statement. ...

Disaster Planning With Pets in Mind

Disaster Planning With Pets in Mind Wanda Merling is the senior manager of the disaster services program for the Animal Rescue Team at The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). For more information on how to prepare for disasters, please visit

Disaster Planning With Pets in Mind

Wanda Merling is the senior manager of the disaster services program for the Animal Rescue Team at The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). For more information on how to prepare for disasters, please visit

Killer Whales Learn How to Speak Dolphin

Killer whales are known for their haunting songs consisting of complex whistles and clicks, but they can also learn "dolphin speak," a new study finds. She and her team collected sound recordings from three killer whales that had been housed with bottlenose dolphins for several years, and compared them with sounds collected from seven killer whales and control bottlenose dolphins, which had not commingled.

Boy mauled by jaguars at Arkansas zoo in critical condition

By Steve Barnes LITTLE ROCK Ark. (Reuters) - A 3-year-old boy who was mauled by jaguars after falling into their exhibit at a zoo in Arkansas on Friday is in critical condition, a hospital spokesman said. The child was seized at the neck by one of two jaguars and at the foot by the second cat after falling 15 feet (4.5 meters) into the enclosure at the Little Rock Zoo, his father and grandfather, who were with him when it happened, told Little Rock police. ...

Child Injured After Falling Into Jaguar Pit at Little Rock Zoo

Child Injured After Falling Into Jaguar Pit at Little Rock Zoo Toddler Falls Into Big Cat Pit at Zoo in Arkansas

Crews battle fog to search for missing Seattle hiker and her dogs

SEATTLE (Reuters) - Rescue workers battling fog were searching on Thursday for a 21-year-old hiker reported missing earlier this week in the Cascade Range near Seattle, the King County sheriff's office said. Paula Reuter was reported missing on Tuesday after the Seattle restaurant manager failed to show up for work, sheriff's Detective Jason Stanley said. Reuter was believed to have taken her two dogs on a day-hike on or near one of two well-charted trails near Snoqualmie Pass, about 50 miles east of Seattle, the sheriff's office said. ...

German hunters angered by proposed ban on shooting cats

A cat walks on a fence as sun sets in Sieversdorf, eastern Germany, on June 6, 2014 Berlin (AFP) - German hunters are up in arms over a proposed law that would prohibit them from shooting cats, a practice they say helps save birds and rodents.

Chinchilla farmer sues PETA, Hollywood mogul's foundation for libel

A rescued chinchilla is held by a veterinarian at the San Diego Humane Society in Oceanside, California By Marty Graham SAN DIEGO (Reuters) - A 90-year-old woman whose California chinchilla farm was purchased and shut down by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals with money from a Hollywood mogul has sued the group, claiming they falsely portrayed her as an abuser of animals. Lawyers for Lurlie Adams, who sold Valley View Farms to PETA in August, later saying she wasn't aware the group was involved in the transaction until the deal closed, filed the libel and defamation lawsuit in San Diego Superior Court on Monday. ...

Questions and answers on dogs and Ebola risks

Excalibur, the dog of the Spanish nurse who contracted Ebola, barks from her apartment's balcony in Alcorcon, outside Madrid Monkeys, bats and a menagerie of animals can spread Ebola. Now there's worry that dogs — or one dog in particular — might spread it, too. Officials in Madrid got a court order to euthanize the pet of a Spanish nursing assistant who has the deadly virus.

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